Every blog must have a first post.

The Narrows- Zion

Do you remember when the automatic tagline used to be, “Just another site” ? They’ve changed it since then, but maybe that’s what this is. I’ve been searching for awhile for a suitable platform to write the things I’m thinking about, and to share the things that move me. Tumblr isn’t large text friendly, blogspot felt dated. I’ve recently come across a few very elegant wordpress sites, and so that is where I am trying now. I’m hoping to post at least weekly on something in my life I feel worth sharing, whether that be to promote an issue or opinion, or just to flex the creative muscles in my fingertips. I’m not really sure what route these musings will take, but given the preview of the road I’ve traveled thus far, I can’t help but imagine at least a few interesting things will pop up here and there.

Regarding the title of this blog, ‘onwards’ has, for at least the recent years in memory, been a word that speaks to me. One of the saving graces in life is that time always moves forward. No matter what bad things happen to you, or around you, you will never be forced to repeat them. It’s over now, and the continued existence of those things and of what you felt depends on your continued dwelling in them, or push to put them behind you. Time always moves forward. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t rewind. You’re not reading that last sentence now. Does it still exist? To find out, you must go back and re-read it… And if you just did, you created a copy that you just moved into your present. See how that works? You decided what your ‘now’ would be by selectively recalling the past, or choosing to keep moving forward and reading this sentence. If you embrace that power, it can be applied to so many aspects of your life in so many positive ways. Difficult conversation, painful memories, feelings of shame, frustration, aimlessness… do you want them in your present self, the only one you know to exist for sure right now? It’s up to you. So to this I say, onwards! I want to move forward, I want this present to keep pushing ahead, and the nature of time facilitates that so well. Let’s go, into the adventure of life!


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